Mortgage Policies and Procedures

Mortgage Operating and Management Systems


We Have Any Plan You Need


There are 7 basic modules - ALL of the listed policies and/or procedures can be found within these 7 modules. 


Quality Control Plan

Red Flag Identity Theft Plan

Safeguarding Information (GLB)

Federal Compliance

Anti-Predatory Lending

Lending Operations

Credit Policy


Fair Lending



Lending Policies


Human Resources

Branch Operations

Physical Operations

Disaster Recovery


Broker Approval/Channel

Loan Servicing

Secondary Marketing

Loss Mitigation

Commercial Lending

Construction Lending

Business Plan




The Mortgage Manuals Concept


Our products are industry standard, which means that you can use them right out of the box,  but the templates are completely customizable by you.  Quality Control plans, mortgage policies and procedures and operations manuals are customizable in Microsoft Office formats. Implement best practices and create internal controls for your firm. 


What are Modules?


Because there are over 1800 individual processes and functions in the loan process, the logical way to organize the process is by function.  We assign each procedure into a job function -origination, processing, underwriting, closing, post closing audit, compliance, operations servicing, secondary marketing and wholesale lending - and that function becomes a "module".  If you only need one area, you purchase that module.  If you are trying to run a company, you need the entire mortgage quality control plan package


What is a Template?


When you think of a template, you may visualize a "fill in the blanks" kind of document.  That is not what we mean.  You can completely alter any of our products.


A template is the way we control the formatting of a large document.  The template makes sure all of the sections and headings appear in the table of contents.  The table of contents acts like a navigation tool allowing you to jump directly to a specific part of a module.  This also means that your procedures are easy to upload to and navigate in an intranet. 


Easy to Implement and Customize


Our Modules can be used immediately - off the shelf.  For a fraction of the cost of any other product, the modules can be quickly customized by the person who knows your business best - you, not some consultant.  Do not pay a consultant tens of thousands of dollars and wait for weeks and months for a quality process. 

  • Our modules are designed to reflect current industry standard policies and procedures.  

  • Updated Weekly

  • The modules, including all forms, are delivered electronically via download upon customization and are provided in Microsoft Office Word and Excel format.  

  • Your company name is already included - you can send directly to a regulator or investor to meet requirements FAST - delivered within 24 hours.

  • Customize as you see fit to reflect your specific business model or practice

  • Fully indexed - can be deployed on an intra-net

  • Distribute throughout company with no additional cost

Updating "Legacy" Policies and Procedures


Many customers use our products to update their current procedures.  You can easily integrate procedures you have already written, and use our industry standard procedures to establish standards you haven't already written. 


Free Quality Control Service or QC Plan Needs Assessment






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